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2020 - Volume 31 [Issue 2]

Anticancer Activity of Silver Nanoparticle by Using Cassia auriculata Extract

M. Prem Nawaz, A. Afroos Banu, S. Raja Mohamed, M. Palanivelu, A. Ayeshamariam

Page: 1-9
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Evaluation of Antioxidant and Anti-Parkinson Activity of Portulaca oleracea Seed Methanolic Extract

Santosh Kumar Vaidya, Dharmesh K. Golwala, Darpini S. Patel, Satyajit Sahoo

Page: 10-17
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Antifungal Activity in Urginea indica Kunth. (Asparagaceae)

B. Mohana, Shiva Kameshwari, M. K. Prasana Kumar

Page: 18-23
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Extraction of Phytochemical Compounds of Leea guineensis (G. Don) Leaves Using Non-polar and Polar Solvents

O. L. Awotedu, U. E. Okeke, P. O. Ogunbamowo, O. S Ariwoola, T. O. Omolola

Page: 24-31
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Antioxidant and Antimutagenic (Anticlastogenic) Activity of Alcoholic Extract of Bauhinia variegata (Linn.) Root

Dharmesh K. Golwala, Santosh Kumar Vaidya, Kishor K. Dholwani, Darpini S. Patel, Satyajit Sahoo

Page: 32-39
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