Diabetes, What is the Benefit in the Use of Medicinal Plants as an Optional form Adjuvant to Medicines?A Systematic Review

Igor Domingos de Souza, Francisco José Mendes dos Reis, Hugo Vieira Ramos, Eliza Miranda Ramos, Valter Aragão do Nascimento

Page: 19-27
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Relative Proximate Composition and Mineral Analysis of Three Garlic Varieties Available in Bangladesh

Dipa Islam, Nazia Nawshad Lina, Rajib Kanti Roy, Chadni Lyzu, Zubayed Ahamed, Samina Akhter, Liton Chandra Mohanta, Evena Parvin Lipy, Mahmuda Hakim, Dipankar Chandra Roy

Page: 1-9
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Comparative Study on the Antidiabetic Efficacy of Unripe and Ripe Fruit Extracts of Siraitia grosvenorii and the Possible Mechanism of Action

Xiangli Xu, Fenglai Lu, Ziming Yang, Xiaojie Yan, Theophine Akunne, Dianpeng Li

Page: 10-18
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Evaluation of Growth, Yield and Active Ingredients in Fenugreek Plants under Different Potassium Fertilizer Rates and Kaolin Application

Nahed S. A. El-Shayeb, Reem H. I. Hassan, Marwa A. Ahmed, Mohammed A. I. Abdelkader

Page: 28-37
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In-vitro Antivenom Potential of Solanum dasyphyllum Methanolic Leaf and Fruit Extracts against Naja nigricollis Venom

Adewunmi Rofiat Funmilola, Gidado Abubakar, Zanna Hassan

Page: 38-45
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Viscothionin Suppresses Human Non-small Cell Lung Cancer via Inhibiting the STAT3 Signaling Pathway

Seo-Hyun Ahn, Hye Bin Yoon, Eun-Jong Jeon, Jong-Heum Park, Jungkee Kwon

Page: 46-53
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Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants used as Anti-Obesity Remedies in Foumban and Dschang Cities (West-Cameroon)

Nadine Joissy Epoh, Olivette Laure Matafack Dongmo, Félicité Mbiapo Tchouanguep, Phelix Bruno Telefo

Page: 54-70
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Antimicrobial Activity of Fractioned Components from Dacryodes edulis: Invitro Study

R. E. Hassan-Olajokun, A. M. Deji-Agboola, O. O. Olasunkanmi, T. A. Banjo, O. Olaniran

Page: 71-82
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Pharmacognostic Study of Justicia beddomei (C. B. Clarke) Bennet

C. Haleshi, A. N. Sringeswara, Vijay Danapur

Page: 83-88
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Micropropagation of Salacia macrosperma Wight - An Endemic Medicinal Plant of Western Ghats

C. Mahendra, M. S. Sudarshana

Page: 100-111
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Gestational Diabetes Review: Maternal-fetal Comorbidities and Treatment with Medicinal Plants

Saulo José de Lima Júnior, Tatyanne Milhomens Soares, Vanderson Ramos Mafra, Sara Falcão de Sousa, Jaqueline Cibene Moreira Borges, Natallia Moreira Lopes Leão, Andreisa Prieb, Yara Silveira, Rodrigues de Paula Marques, Nayanne Deusdará Escobar, Marco Túlio Borges Sousa, Thalita Melo França Costa, Taciano Peres Ferreira, Janne Marques Silveira

Page: 89-99
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